We’re building a better way for professionals and companies to find each other

We built Digital Profile on four fundamental principles

Make respect for users central to the mission

We think finding each other should be hassle free. We do not let recruiters use the site so the opportunities you see on the site are genuine. By default, professional Profiles are private and only seen by companies who receive an application, although users can freely switch to public to be found in company searches for freelance work.

Recognise the importance of personality and culture in matching

In the digital sector where companies are often small, strong growth relies on new staff that fit the ethos and atmosphere in the team, and bring complementary personality and attitude that supports the group.

That’s why we encourage professionals and businesses to make personality central to their Profile. We’re also building selective social integrations that will round out that first impression and help create great automatic matches.

Help to make finding people a simpler experience

We use the Profile to replace the CV, and offer one-click applications.

The management of jobs, applicants and communication are handled through the dashboard. As well as standard search functions, users see relevant matches based on listed skills and location. As the platform develops, machine learning will increase accuracy and incorporate cultural factors.

Use a radically better business model

Fully free for professionals, unlimited free job posts and core features for companies, and a subscription model for certain advanced matchmaking features. We are making hiring the right talent more accessible, especially to smaller businesses and startups.

We want to see an end to large percentage-of-salary commissions fees which incentivise poor practice. Our business is fair, transparent and affordable. Crucially, instead of making money by filling jobs through sheer volume of CVs, our business model encourages us to create the best possible matches between professionals and companies.

I became convinced there must be a better way to do digital recruitment. Never short on calls and emails from recruiters offering candidates for my development agency, I was frustrated with the general low relevance and high costs.

Often the recruiters just did not understanding the particular skill set we needed. Team members that did arrive through recruiters often felt they’d been given a ‘see what sticks’ level of service.

It’s often said the best products are those people build to solve their own problem. That was when I started working on Digital Profile.

Dan Lewis, founder & CEO

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